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5 Ways to Choosing the Right Blog Template

5 Ways to Choosing the Right Blog Template
Parameter popularity of a website or a blog when viewed from the design tempilan has become one of the trending topic of bloggers 2015. It already we review the previous discussion.

The diversity of his knowledge of the master template design sitsu or blog specially made so many templates that are scattered in cyberspace. Starting from various fitus offered as SEO, responsive, mobile friendly, fast loading or even super friendly search engines etc.

There also are offering wah design, super gemerlp, many moving animations etc. There also are offering free or free or premium with certain advantages, let alone could remove the url maker.
So many of these criteria sometimes confuse all colleagues in selecting a suitable template for the site mate.
Confused right, was so confused until some are trying to use the default template blogger. Like this site, hehe.
If this site is aimed to research, research on the effect of the template to mutually exchange visitor traffic and as a means of proving testimonial fellow blogger wrote really.
Just a suggestion for colleagues, dealing with so many questions about how to choose a template that is good and right according to the rules, this time we will try the language with the language simple.

How to Select a Good Template

Actually, this trick has been discussed before, but to further stabilize we will add the following ways:
  1. We must understand the algorithm MobileGeddon
  2. Adjust with the aim of making your blog or site
  3. Select the template lightweight (fast loading), responsive and SEO
  4. Select the template that is not confusing menu navigation pengnjung
  5. Choose a simple template
At least five points were a major factor in determining the choice of a template. Such as selecting merchandise in the market, we must also clever determine the right choice for our blog.
If we specify a wrong decision in choosing the template, what happens is regret.

Therefore, keep watch on the latest Google algorithms 2015, as MobileGeddon which focus on the design of a site. Understand the purpose of making the site, proceed to the selection of user friendly and SEO factors. At least the above could be one way of choosing the correct template according to Google.

To add to the understanding and experience, Buddy can try some templates that I post on this site. Just choose menyesuaiakan with the above criteria.

Thus the discussion on 5 Ways in Selecting Blog Template. Hope it is useful. Greeting
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