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2 Best SEO Killer Blogger Template for Fist Page Rangking Google

Continuing the previous article about the secrets of SEO Premium Template Super Fastest Loading Latest Responsive Design, this time I will give 2 template SEO friendly simple fast loading responsive recommendations really.

What are roughly features of both the template later?

Of course, SEO factors SEO friendly killer and a mainstay of both these templates later. If these two features of SEO and SEO friendly killer already entered on a template, at least it was a basic factor will raise the performance of your blog Buddies in theSERP Google.

2 Best SEO Killer Blogger Template for Fist Page Rangking Google

The following are some of the main features on the template SEO friendly simple fast loading and responsive best in Indonesian:
  1. Killer SEO blogger templates
  2. SEO optimized
  3. SEO friendly
  4. Responsive design
  5. Super fast loading blogger template
  6. Valid html
  7. Metatag dynamic
  8. Bread crumb SEO friendly
  9. Social shared button
  10. Label and SEO sidebar
  11. and more ...
Just a suggestion, to test the speed of loading a blog template, please just use Google PageSpeed Insights. In so, it's artificial and recommendations tools is Google.
Therefore, because nowadays many once "scattered" blog template that said "fastest loading", then checked using tools such Google aja.

Just go ahead, here are 2 Simple SEO Friendly Templates Fast Loading Latest Responsive by SL Blogger:

1. SEO Super Fastest - Best Simple SEO Killer Blogger Template Newest
SEO Super Fastest - Best Simple SEO Killer Blogger Template Newest
SEO Super Fastest - Best Simple SEO Killer Blogger Template Newest

The template is so super fast loading. .. Just check the score of this the use of Google Tools I mentioned above ... or it could be using a GTMetrix.

In addition, because of the SEOnya template is also highly recommended by the bloggers. However, SEO is the Fastest Super premium templates. So, my friend had tobuy. It's cheap kok, currently still in the promo because new launching. I understandin the first 20 buyers can bargain price, is IDR. 100.000,-wrote $9. The price of the template is "extremely" cheap considering the features and outstanding performance.

2. SL Fastest SEO - High SEO Killer Blogger Template

For the second time, the next template type is the Fastest SL SEO. This template I discussed in a previous article. In fact, this template is used directly by the kreatornya, i.e. the SL Blogger (one of the support team from this blog). So as thanks I give a link to the site.
The problem of perfoorma? Well no doubt. According to mas SL Blogger, the template is able to raise traffic up to 200%.
SL Fastest SEO - High SEO Killer Blogger Template
SL Fastest SEO - High SEO Killer Blogger Template

Once again I say, SEO is also the Fastest SL templates premium SEO. Price Rp. 130,000,-. If interested, please contact SL Blogger to buy it [more information to Download].


While this is indeed loads of designer templates that offer a variety of fitru and advantages of templates they create. However, be careful and selective bloggers become a compulsory requirement if Pal wants to become successful bloggers.

In this article, I actually also want to enter some templates from famous designers like Arlina design as well as others. However, because when I try it myself with someother personal blog, and I try this the performance still to be embedded under boththe above template.

Whether a relative or not. but that was some experience and empirical results I have ever experienced. Buddy could do the testing yourself by applying it directly on his blog my friend directly.

So at a glance information regarding 2 Premium SEO Friendly Template Simple Fast Loading Latest Responsive best. Karilyn salam blogger.

So at a glance information about the 2 Best SEO Blogger templates for Killer Fist Page Rank Google. Good luck and happy blogging.

Top Newest SEO KIller Responsive Blogger Template 2016

Top Newest SEO KIller Responsive Blogger Template 2016
For my friend who is still a loss for the latest Killer SEO blog template, do not be confused and despondent. This time we will inform some of the templates in accordance with the wishes pal, the latest killer SEO, responsive, fast loading and user friendly the best and most popular.

The above criteria has been completed-plit as an ideal template of the bloggers in the universe. SO surely, become Google dah advice anyway. By doing so, we can be sure with good quality articles, unique, fresh will make traffic blog or site mate highest bidding. Another important factor is the existence of a factor user friendly.

Top Newest SEO KIller Responsive Blogger Template 2016

More details, please refer to further details of the two templates that became the object of a search of the bloggers.

SL Style Magz - SEO Template Latest Killer Style Magazine (Magazine)

This template was released a few days yesterday. However, this template is considered and believed to increase high traffic to your blog. With a variety of implementation and optimization SEO killer ready-made, it should be a collection of this template for your blog. Do not believe it, here features and appearance:
SL Style Magz - SEO Template Latest Killer Style Magazine (Magazine)


Super Killer SEO blogger templates
Responsive and mobile friendly blogger template Check
Super fast, pageload time just 0.7 seconds (less than one second)
Social shared button
Dynamic heading tags
Valid HTML Check
Elegant design and user friendly New !!!
three columns
Responsive Navigation Menu
StickyNav / Static Menu
anti Spam
Breadcrumb SEO Friendly
Already, there are Profile author Check New !!!
Related post with image thumbnail New !!!
Style Magazine buildup body design, more user friendly New !!!
more ...

That information related to top killer SEO blog template responsive latest fast loading user friendly. Hope can make your blog more and the highest bidding and able to compete with each other.

New Sugeng 2015 - Best SEO Killer Blogger Template

we as bloggers Indonesia is obliged to live and uphold the results of the agreement of all the youth of Indonesia. With the spirit of Youth Pledge October 28, 2015, the moment we reflect on what has been given of the youth of that time for this nation.

To achieve a life of independence, think, argue and to bermrtabat, then no doubt we sabagai bloggers also have to be able to continue the struggle.

In what way?

Because we as a blogger, none other is not in order to make a real change in the field of blogging in Indonesia, so tecipta dignified civilization. One way is to create a blog or website with loads of quality content that is educational, instructive, provide a good solution and polite.

Currently there are no terms arrogance of youth in any realm. Minded cerdasa by promoting akhalakul karimah be the first choice as exemplified Rosululloh SAW. Nor with any religion, we can be sure all teach the same thing about it, harmony, togetherness, calm, tentrem to realize the country gemah ripah jinawi tablets, baldatun thoyyibatun warobbun ghoffur, Aamiin.  

For that, right at this date of October 28, 2015 which corresponds to the Youth Pledge Day October 28, 1928, we shared a typical template with a simple, yet SEO Freindly, fast loading and adsense ready. Namely NewSugeng 2015 blogger template.

This template is modified from SL blogger of a phenomenal template used by Mas Sugeng, better known as Mas Sugeng 2015 blogger template. More specifically, the following advantages:

  1. SEO ready
  2. Fast loading
  3. Full Mobile Friendly
  4. Shared dengan Media sosial
  5. Adsense ready
  6. Breadcrumb
  7. Auto readmore
  8. Gratis free download
  9. dan masih banyak lagi
With this template, it does not worry any more about SEO issues. Buddy just need to apply the new standard SEO for blogs and live writing quality content. Check out more about how to write a good article will fit Google.

Similarly, information regarding NewSugeng 2015 - Template Responsive SEO Fast Loading. Hope it is useful. Greetings Indonesian youth.

8 Mistakes in SEO Optimization

8 Mistakes in SEO Optimization
Serious mistake to Avoid in SEO Optimization - Ranking first on the first page of Google is the dream of every blogger in the running world of blogging. Not looking at a master or a novice blogger, certainly all want to remain on the first page of Google or the search engines.

To realize it, a lot of SEO practitioner and master blogger has to transmit a variety of tutorials and directives. They explained about the main factors Google for a site assessment. With reference to it if only we could be participating in a race to obtain first love Google search engine as a whole. Buddy should still consider a determining factor in Google's blog ranking.

Knowingly or not, the main focus we would refer to a search engine is good enough for a newbie like me. The reason is simple, yes as far as I know at this time googl still the number one search engine in the world. Unless Buddy was growing blogging for business activity, then inevitably also have to focus on rankings on all major search engines not just Google.

In practice, as we have explained in numerous articles in simple steps in making a quality blog, an important weapon often termed as SEO (seach engine optimization). As presented Dholakiya, director of SEO and Marketing E2M Solutions, there are 10 Mistakes to avoid in SEO Optimization. Knowingly or not, pal certainly often here looking for the most effective SEO tricks, and apply it turned out wrong

Fatal error in SEO Optimization

Here are some fatal mistakes that are often made by bloggers in the optimization SEO, antaralain:

1. Ignore UI / UX ((User Interface / User Experience)

UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) was key as a parameter in breaking down a website in the eyes of the Search Engine. In a simple user interface in a web / blog includes presenting a blog seen from the design governance. Ease of menu navigation, suitability pengturan soothing colors, font optimization governance within each heading and much more.

Not just create a blog with a luxurious look nan wah with a variety of animation memenihi the blog. Moreover, the number of widgets that is not so important, that it actually makes the display more chaotic.

While the User Experience is more on the internal assessment aspect of the blog itself. The extent of visitor satisfaction in tracing our blog.

Have we made the readers of the article we happy? Or Have we made the reader feel addicted to reading our blog for the second time, even making our site to be opened first as a headline in their activities?

Then in the User Experience, we are required to give it a truly bermanfa'at to readers. Then there is no other way in this case except to make sebuat quality articles. Not just like the reader, even more friendly to search engine Google. Consider how to create articles that are friendly to the search engine Google.

The better the UI / UX a blog / web, visitors will feel comfortable browse through page after web page, even going back for the umpteenth time.

2. Blogs are too slow when Opened

Inevitably, one of the visitors' convenience in tracking our blog is because of the speed of page load time. That is, when your blog can be accessed quickly, then there is nothing else that comes to mind pengnjung, unless satisfied. If these factors already exist in our blog, coupled with good quality content, guaranteed artikle readers we will be back for a second time, and even become loyal readers of our blog.

If you see the error of this, we can be sure kesalahnnya there are two simple things, namely:
  1. One chose a template
  2. Too over wearing widget
We have had a lot of really really free template service providers who already provide the facility of fast page load time. Call it one of the newest template, for example NewSugeng 2015 blogger template. In addition to super fast, this template is also super SEO killer, mobile friendly. Also features Google Adsense ad placement with a high CTR. More info and free download. To add a buddy confidence blogger, please learn first 5 right way to choose a template.

If my friend has chosen the right template, the next step should not use various widgets that are not so important. Let's say like the Clock application automatically, calendars etc. Or not too over the use tempilan design blog with many animations. It becomes a factor blog becomes heavy when opened. Perform optimization speed up loading the blog well.

3. Do not Care about Social Media
Social media tools our helper in maximizing media campaign against every article we write. Then there is nothing wrong mindset gaptek (stuttering technology) are a blogger do not dipiara, hehe. Use social media as a tool for us. If necessary, create a community group in accordance with niceh blog.

By doing so, then we are not just a media campaign through Google, but also through social media such as facebook, twitter etc. In fact, reportedly, some Search Engines such as Google uses algorithms that allow a web / blog on the first page, when the lot is accessible from sosisal media ..

4. Originally Write Articles

Basically, a search engine designed to index against any article that we make, with special algorithms that focus on how much value the quality we make. One important parameter in this algorithm is how much value we make kemanfa'atan article.

It is already often we described in many articles. 5 including how to write a good article according algotirma Google. In addition, there is one thing that is often fatal done by bloggers, which frequently copy and paste articles from other blogs. In addition to not be Betak in search engines, the most annoying of the blog will not be accepted Google Adsense. Read carefully the danger copy and paste articles for our blog.

5. Prioritize Search Engines than Visitor

An incorrect understanding when we consider that if the article that we make there are various kinds of keywords in order to get high traffic on Google. Like the previous review, an article would indeed be indexed by search engines. But the correspondence between the keyword with the reader should be in sync.

Simply put, when we read an article with a lot of repetition of words or main keywords embedded in it, what happens is a confusion, inefficiency every breastfeeding word in a paragraph. The impact, readers will feel reluctant to read any further.

If that be so, then the option is only two, preferring readers or search engines?

The answer of course we have to choose both. The main solution we should be able to write an article that is friendly to Google and preferred reader.

6. Claiming Ownership Google+

Google+ is a social network owned by Google, so did the authorization of ownership on your blog. With ownership meklaim blog, it will increase trust google on the blog and will display the avatar us on Google search.

Among the ways to claim ownership, by storing meta tag publishers on our blog, for example <link href = 'https: // plus pal' rel = "publisher" />

7. Love Spamming

Among the things that strengthen our position in the search engines is link building. But links too quickly, such as by using a link exchange software, it is very dangerous. google understand it is not realistic. One big mistake that is often made by bloggers when they want to get backlinks is by doing a blog walking.

This blog walking actually is effective. However, if the blog walking only meant merely comments, plant active links etc, it only made the reputation of our blog is getting ugly in the eyes of Google. Because any such activity is considered spam (junk spread activity).

If Google already considers our blog synonymous with litter spreader, then do not say if Google will meyukai every article that we created, especially in general on our blog.

Vice versa. If we often get comment spam, so your site will also impact on traffic that has been obtained. So what's the solution?

It's easy. Among them:

Good backlinks are links that are built naturally naturally, instead of link manipulation using certain softaware only to boost traffic in the search engines. For colleagues who do not like nyepam, would that also have to cope with spam comments on our blog.
8. Following Instructions Incorrect

If observed, a great deal here and there scattered SEO tutorial. But sometimes the tutorial just writing without clear and tangible evidence. In addition, look for the idol blogger colleagues. If you already feel getting the right person as a medium of learning SEO for my friend, go ahead.

Blogger idol here is certainly a blogger who really can make a friend feel satisfied with various SEO tips that have been co-apply. Or at least it does not already show clear evidence for the idol. Call it suppose this site. Please mate give input in any case. Jik felt this tutorial just writing without meaning, then move on to other SEO tips.

By getting a tutor figure SEO is a match, then Establish good communication. By doing so, we will get great benefits. Among them we get quality backlinks, also gained knowledge that will increase the traffic to our blog in the search engines.

I we thus tutorial 8 Mistakes in SEO Optimization, which may be full of meaning. If so, please, I am given input on SEO tips above, according to what I have experienced, especially in this blog. Consider also 10 hrus avoid fatal mistakes novice blogger.

Hope it is useful. Greetings.
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